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This Web site contains the historical record of the Healthy People 2000 objectives. The new Healthy People 2010 objectives were released on January 25, 2000. Information on this site may be outdated, and no new information will be added.

New Healthy People publications are available online, in print, and on CD ROM.

Selected Publications and Order Form

Healthy People 2000 is a national initiative to improve the health of all Americans through prevention. It is driven by 319 specific national health promotion and disease prevention objectives targeted for achievement by the year 2000. Healthy People 2000's overall goals are to:

The objectives are organized into 22 priority areas:

1. Physical Activity and Fitness 12. Food and Drug Safety
2. Nutrition 13. Oral Health
3. Tobacco 14. Maternal and Infant Health
4. Substance Abuse: Alcohol and Other Drugs 15. Heart Disease and Stroke
5. Family Planning 16. Cancer
6. Mental Health and Mental Disorders 17. Diabetes and Chronic Disabling Conditions
7. Violent and Abusive Behavior 18. HIV Infection
8. Educational and Community-Based Programs 19. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
9. Unintentional Injuries 20. Immunization and Infectious Diseases
10. Occupational Safety and Health 21. Clinical Preventive Services
11. Environmental Health 22. Surveillance and Data Systems

* Developing Objectives for Healthy People 2010 (B0058). (1997) Provides information on the process for developing the Nation's third set of disease prevention and health promotion objectives and includes a 1997 Summary List of Objectives. Describes how to get involved. 175 pages. Available from GPO, $18 (Stock No. 017-001-00530-4).

* Healthy People 2000: Midcourse Review and 1995 Revisions (B0053). (1995) Reviews progress toward the three goals of Healthy People 2000 and shows more than two-thirds of objectives for which there are data moving toward the targets. Includes a chapter on State and Healthy People 2000 Consortium organization action. A Summary List of Objectives reflects 1995 revisions. Single copy available from ODPHP Communication Support Center (B0053). 292 pages. $11 handling fee. Also available from GPO, $19 (Stock No. 017-001-00-526-6).

Healthy People 2000: National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives (1991) Sets national health objectives for the decade to increase the span of healthy life for Americans, reduce health disparities among Americans, and achieve access to preventive services for all Americans. The goals are supported by specific objectives in 22 priority areas. 696 pages. For sale by GPO, $31 handling fee. (Stock No. 017-001-00474-0).

* Healthy People 2000 Fact Sheet (B0034). (1995) Describes the Healthy People 2000 initiative and highlights key activities and publications. 4 pages. No handling fee.

* Healthy People 2000 Progress Reviews (R0127-0148). Reports of the status of Healthy People 2000 priority areas and special population groups. See order form for complete list.

Healthy People 2000: Turning Commitment Into Action (B0049). (1993) Provides activity ideas for embracing the Healthy People 2000 objectives. 12 pages. $2.50 handling fee.

Healthy Worksites: Fact Sheet (B0033). (1994) Lists Healthy People 2000 objectives and publications related to the promotion of healthy worksites. 4 pages. No handling fee.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans (U0003). (Fourth edition, 1995) Presents guidelines for improved food habits for Americans ages 2 years and older. 44 pages. $1 handling fee.

* Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Publications List (D0002P). (1997) Includes publications in the categories of Healthy People 2000, Public Health Initiatives, Health Promotion in Communities, Nutrition, and Clinical Preventive Services. 8 pages. No handling fee.

Publications Available from Other Organizations

Healthy Children 2000: National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives Related to Mothers, Infants, Children, Adolescents and Youth (1991) 242 pages. The National Maternal and Child Health Clearinghouse. Reproductions available from Educational Resources Information Center, 7420 Fullerton Road, Suite 110, Springfield, VA 22153-2852; (800)443-ERIC. $39.70 plus $4.50 handling. ERIC Document #345870.

Healthy Communities Resource Guide (1992), National Civic League, 1445 Market Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80202-1728; (800)223-6004. $20 plus $3.25 handling.

Healthy Communities 2000: Model Standards (Third edition, 1991), American Public Health Association, P.O. Box 753, Waldorf, MD 20604; (301)893-1894. $35 plus $7 handling.

Healthy People 2000 Review 1995/6, CDC, NCHS. Fourth in series tracking annual data for objectives and subobjectives in all priority areas. National Center for Health Statistics; (301)436-8500. Free.

Healthy People 2000: Citizens Chart the Course (1990), National Academy Press, 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20055; (800)624-6242. 242-page reproduction. $42.25 plus $4 handling.

Healthy Students 2000: An Agenda for Continuous Improvement in America's Schools (G009) (1994), American School Health Association, P.O. Box 708, Kent, OH 44240; (330)678-1603. $21.25 (members) or $24.95 (nonmembers) plus handling.

"Healthy People 2000: National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives and Healthy Schools," Journal of School Health, September 1991, American School Health Association, P.O. Box 708, Kent, OH 44240; (330)678-1603. $8.50 (members); $10.50 (nonmembers) plus $5.00 handling.

Healthy Youth 2000: A Mid-Decade Review (1995), Department of Adolescent Health, American Medical Association, 515 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60610; (312)464-5570. (ISBN 0-89970-807-2) Single copy free; additional copies $2.50 each.

Many States and communities have Healthy People 2000 publications. Contact your State or local health department.

Healthy People 2000 Publications Order Form

___ B0053 $11 Healthy People 2000: Midcourse Review and 1995 Revisions
___ B0034 N/C Healthy People 2000 Fact Sheet
___ B0049 $2.50 Healthy People 2000: Turning Commitment Into Action
___ B0033 N/C Healthy Worksites: Fact Sheet
___ U0003 $1 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
___ D0002P N/C Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Publications List

Progress Review Reports (No Charge)

___ R0136 Physical Activity and Fitness ___ R0150 Diabetes and Chronic Disabling Conditions
___ R0158 Nutrition ___ R01543 HIV Infection
___ R0157 Tobacco ___ R0161 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
___ R0159 Substance Abuse: Alcohol and Other Drugs ___ R0149 Immunization and Infectious Diseases
___ R0142 Family Planning ___ R0137 Clinical Preventive Services
___ R0145 Mental Health and Mental Disorders ___ R0148 Surveillance and Data Systems
___ R0147 Violent and Abusive Behavior ___ R0163 Adolescents and Young Adults
___ R0146 Educational and Community-Based Programs ___ R0134 American Indians and Alaska Natives
___ R0141 Unintentional Injuries ___ R0155 Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
___ R0140 Occupational Safety and Health ___ R0164 Black Americans
___ R0152 Environmental Health ___ R0153 Hispanic Americans
___ R0139 Food and Drug Safety ___ R0143 Older Adults
___ R0138 Oral Health ___ R0151 People with Disabilities
___ R0144 Maternal and Infant Health ___ R0156 People with Low Income
___ R0135 Heart Disease and Stroke ___ R0162 Women
___ R0160 Cancer

To receive publications through the new fax-back system, call (301)468-3028.

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