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About the Consortium

The Healthy People Consortium is made up of more than 350 organizations (See Listing Below). In addition to 54 State and Territorial Health Departments, the Consortium includes organizations that are national in scope, organized to include members (individuals, institutions, or affiliates), and interested in improving the health and well-being for all. Members of the Consortium come from a full spectrum of life. Consortium organizations represent older adults, racial and ethnic coalitions, educators, businesses, providers, scientists, and many others.

Consortium members are also broadly based in terms of the range of activities they describe that support achievement of the national health objectives. Nearly all members have publicized the objectives to their members, many have used their newsletters and journals to solicit comments on the draft Healthy People 2000 and 2010 objectives. Also communicating with their memberships about the release of the goals and objectives in 1990 and now in 2000. Many others have highlighted the objectives at their annual conference, or devoted conference sessions to discussion of how the organization and individuals can help achieve the objectives.

Consortium Member Organizations and Agencies

Annual Meetings

2000 Consortium Meeting: "Partnerships for Health in the New Millennium"

1998 Consortium Meeting: "Building the Next Generation of Healthy People"

1997 Consortium Meeting: Reducing Health Disparities: How Far Have We Come?

1996 Consortium Meeting

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