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Federal Wage System

How to Obtain a Wage Schedule

The Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service has wage schedules available on the Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service world wide web home page.

Wage schedules also will continue to be distributed by lead agencies through normal agency distribution channels. In addition, Federal Wage System appropriated fund wage schedules are accessible via modem on the Office of Personnel Management's electronic bulletin board. New wage schedules are added to the bulletin board as they are received from the lead agencies (the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs) and are usually available to callers 1 to 3 days after issuance by the lead agenices.

To download wage schedules, please follow the instructions below:

Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service
Home Page

address: http://www.cpms.osd.mil

  • Select CPMS FTP Server
  • Select ftp://ftp.cpms.osd.mil/wage/schedules
  • Select desired schedule
  • Follow the prompts to download a file

Page created 18 June 1997