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Narrated Movies

All movies in the SVS database that have narration and/or music.
Movie   ID   Title
This short video gives an overview of NASA's SDO spacecraft mission to observe the Sun and improve predictions of solar weather.   10188   NASA's SDO Mission
Composite still   3413   Towers in the Tempest
The short version of the Cryosphere Tour, with narration and music.   3355   A Short Tour of the Cryosphere
Full version with audio and annotations   3354   27 Storms: Arlene to Zeta
In this video, we explore the latest ways the space agency studies hurricanes and point to the future of this dynamic and exciting field of research.   3228   Hurricanes
The title screen from the video includes footage of the 2004 hurricane season in Florida.   3220   Behold, A Whirlwind Came: The Science of Tracking Hurricanes
VIDEO WITH MUSIC AND CAPTIONS   3181   A Tour of the Cryosphere
This image shows the snow cover and sea ice surface temperature on March 15, 2003.   3180   MODIS Daily Global Snow Cover and Sea Ice Surface Temperature as seen in the SIGGRAPH 2005 Electronic Theater
The High Definition version of the Multisensor Fire Observation animation with audio and minimal annotations.   2854   Multisensor Fire Observations without Labels (HD Version)
The High Definition version of the Multisensor Fire Observation animation with audio, text labels and colorbars.   2853   Multisensor Fire Observations with Labels (HD Version)
The full 5 minute multisensor fire animation with audio and without annotations   2806   Multisensor Fire Observations without Labels
An accretion disk is formed around the hot star as it captures the mass being lost by the giant. The accretion disk beams matter away from the system in the form of a symmetrical jet.   2796   Hubble Space Telescope: Image Deblurring with a Parallel Comptuer
The full 5 minute multisensor fire animation with audio and annotations   2707   Multisensor Fire Observations
Demonstrating how data is collected and verified from multiple sources, both directly and remotely sensed.   2674   Remote Sensing: Observing the Earth
The video begins with an animation of a rotating Earth being observed by a satellite. A zoom into a data stream emerging from the satellite reveals flowing  0's and 1's that materialize into the conference theme "From Terabytes to Insights." A transitional sequence introduces a science and technology montage showing scientific visualizations, supercomputers, grids, networks, and computing interfaces. The montage ends with a scientist studying an Earth globe on an Immersive Workbench.   2641   The SC2002 Conference Opening Video
SeaWiFS Biosphere data symbolizing the heartbeat of our planet.   2395   Pulse of the Planet
Narrated Animation flying over the Frozen Continent of Antarctica   2175   Antarctica: A Flying Tour of the Frozen Continent
A narrated zoom from space to the Capitol Building in Washington DC, followed by a zoom back out to space showing the area covered by each of the four data sets used in the animation.  This animation was chosen for the Animation Theater at SIGGRAPH 2001.   2133   Capitol Zoom - SIGGRAPH 2001 Final Submission
Earth Today Logo   1401   Earth Today 1998 Introduction
The entire narrated Images video. (NOTE: 79 MB DOWNLOAD)   737   Images of Earth and Space: SC99 Edition
The entire narrated Digital Earth video   663   The Digital Earth
The entire narrated UARS video   579   UARS: The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
The entire narrated NPOESS video   562   EOS NPOESS the Bridge Mission
The entire narrated Images video   329   Images of Earth and Space II
Countdown Animation   328   Earth Today 1998 Countdown
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