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Safety & Health
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Worker Safety

Integrated Safety Management (ISM) is the Department's required management process which ensures the integration of environment, safety and health into all aspects of Energy mission activities.  ISM consists of a work planning and performance cycle including five core functions: defining the scope of work, analysis of hazards, developing and implementing hazard controls, performing the work within those controls, and providing feedback and continuous improvement.  ISM also uses seven guiding principles to ensure work is conducted safely:  line management responsibility for safety, clear roles and responsibilities, balanced priorities, identification of safety standards and requirements, hazard controls tailored to the work being performed, and operations authorization.

A fundamental objective at Energy is to ensure the protection of workers throughout the conduct of its mission.  Energy workers are the most vulnerable to hazardous exposure and risk.  Energy ensures that all workers understand their responsibilities in the areas of safety, security and quality so that these concepts are integral to all cleanup activities. 

The Office of Health, Safety and Security verifies that site workers, the public, and the environment are protected from hazardous operations and materials.

The Department of Energy Voluntary Protection Program (DOE-VPP) promotes safety and health excellence through cooperative, voluntary efforts among labor, management, and government at Energy contractor sites. Energy has worked in partnerships with other Federal agencies, the private sector, and Canada, Mexico and members of the European Union in advancing and sharing its VPP experiences. Currently, Energy is leading international VPP efforts with a web-based electronic-VPP business system and assisting the Department of Defense in establishing and utilizing VPP world-wide at their locations.

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