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October 2008 Themes for Community Outreach

Crime Prevention Month

More than twenty-five million Americans are victims of crime each year. Support Crime Prevention Month and help your community Take A Bite Out Of Crime®. Simple or elaborate, your crime prevention project can have a far-reaching impact. The National Crime Prevention Council website has some great ideas to spread the word about crime prevention and promote Halloween safety, including tips on personal and community safety. has games and tips for children and the NCPC website provides information on their latest public service announcements. NCPC also has a downloadable Crime Prevention Month Kit and other NCPC publications and resources.

Diversity Awareness Month

Consider meeting with area minority leaders – in businesses, schools, churches, and local organizations – to discuss the role in promoting Citizen Corps. Organize public speaking opportunities or radio interviews for minority leaders to promote increased participation from the diverse sectors of your community.

October 5-11, 2008: Fire Prevention Week

Contact your local newspaper, radio, and television outlets to let reporters know that this week is National Fire Prevention Week. Provide local statistics and information about the damage fires have done and can do, as well as information on preventing fires. Consider arranging for local firefighters to visit middle and high schools to talk to students about fire prevention. Organize door-to-door campaigns to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors.

National Fire Prevention Week has been sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) since 1922. Contact local NFPA groups to work with them to help spread the fire safety message. Visit the NFPA Fire Prevention Week website for more information.

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