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August 2008 Themes for Community Outreach

August 5, 2008: The 24th Annual National Night Out

Sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch, National Night Out (NNO) celebrates police-community partnerships aimed at preventing crime and drug use. Consider planning an event in neighborhoods throughout your community that unites citizens and law enforcement officers. Distribute information about what Citizen Corps is accomplishing locally and what citizens can do to help local law enforcement efforts. Formally register your community at and receive an organizational kit with how-to materials.

Heat Wave

August can be stiflingly hot in many parts of the United States. Organize Citizen Corps activities to distribute information to ensure that citizens stay healthy during high temperatures, especially targeting low income areas where residents may not have air conditioning or adequate fans. You might also want to visit area retirement homes and educate residents on the importance of hydration and keeping cool. Organize fan donations from local business and have Citizen Corps volunteers distribute fans to needy residents. Provide local newspapers, television stations and radio stations with relevant information.

Water Conservation

Drought often accompanies the summer's high temperatures in many regions of the country. Contact local television and radio meteorologists and encourage them to discuss the importance of water conservation. Consider coordinating with one or more media outlets to organize a local contest to promote water conservation habits – for example, a "dirtiest car" contest would encourage citizens to refrain from washing their car during periods of drought.

Crime Prevention

With the summer coming to an end, many people schedule vacations so they can take advantage of the remaining warm weather. Encourage citizens to be especially alert for any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods during a time when many homeowners are out of town. Consider hosting a Citizen Corps Council meeting with a special focus on your local Neighborhood Watch program (if you don't have a program, use this opportunity to create one). Have Citizen Corps representatives explain the best ways to deter crime, and invite members of the media to attend.

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