Travel Warning
United States Department of State
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Washington, DC 20520

This information is current as of today,


September 10, 2008

This Travel Warning updates information on the current security situation in Georgia to include the risk of unexploded ordnance and the potential for an increased risk of crime.  This Travel Warning supersedes the Travel Warning for Georgia issued August 23, 2008.

The Department of State authorized the return of U.S. Embassy eligible family members to Tbilisi on August 23, 2008.  Since Russian troops remain in some parts of the country near Poti, Zugdidi, and Senaki, as well as in the conflict zones, Embassy staff and family members may only travel outside of Tbilisi with the concurrence of the Regional Security Officer. 

The Department of State urges U.S. citizens in Georgia to exercise extreme caution while traveling in Georgia.  Unexploded ordnance poses a risk in the areas where fighting has taken place, including in and around the city of Gori.  American citizens should avoid unnecessary travel to those areas until they are reported cleared.  American citizens are urged not to travel to the conflict zones of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. 
While three Embassy-coordinated convoys departed Georgia for Armenia on August 10, 11, and 14, no additional convoys are scheduled.  American citizens currently in Georgia are urged to continue to review their personal security situations to take appropriate action to ensure their safety.  Given the recent upheaval in Georgia, American citizens should take precautions in case of an increase in violent crime.   Private American citizens are encouraged to remain in close communication with the American Embassy in Tbilisi for more detailed information. 

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy resumed visa services on August 27.  The Peace Corps temporarily relocated trainees and volunteers to Armenia on August 11. Volunteers have not returned to Georgia, but the Peace Corps office in Tbilisi remains open for business. 

American citizens in Georgia are advised to register with the Department of State on-line at or in person at U.S. Embassy Tbilisi so that they can obtain updated information on travel and security.  Travel in some parts of western Georgia remains unpredictable.

American citizens should monitor the U.S. Embassy web site,, and stay in contact with family and friends in the United States.  American citizens in Tbilisi may also tune in to Radio Syndicati at FM 104.3 or throughout Georgia at Radio Green Wave at FM 107.4 for updated U.S. Embassy warden message information.

Family members and friends unable to verify the safety and welfare of U.S. citizens in the affected area should call 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada, or from other areas via a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444.  U.S. citizens in the area are urged to monitor the local news.  Those residing or traveling in Georgia are reminded to register with the U.S. Embassy either online at or in person at U.S. Embassy Tbilisi so that they can obtain updated information on travel and security.  By registering, American citizens make it easier for the embassy to contact them in case of emergency. 

The U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi is located at 11 George Balanchine Street (in Didi Dighomi), Tbilisi 0131, Georgia, tel: 995-32-27-70-00.  The after-hours emergency number is 995-99-57-39-69, or, if dialing locally on a mobile telephone, 899-57-39-69.

For the latest security information, Americans living and traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs web site at, where the current Worldwide Caution, Travel Alerts, Travel Warnings, Country Specific Information, and health information resources can be found.  Up-to-date information on security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the United States, or for callers outside the United States and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444.  These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).

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