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Legislation and Congressional Affairs
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Social Security Legislation and Congressional Affairs


Page revised September 15, 2008 .

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Reports to Congress

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Laws and Regulations


Information about the Social Security Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Legislation and Congressional Affairs (ODCLCA) serves as the focal point for all legislative activity in SSA. This page has been designed to provide visitors to our website with accurate, useful, and current information about SSA's legislative program, legislative research, and other matters pertaining to the flow of information between SSA and Congress. The goal of this site is to make it easy for the public and our staff:

  • to get up-to-date information about SSA's legislative program and trends in other introduced program-related legislation,
  • to conduct legislative research on Social Security program matters, and
  • to keep abreast of congressional interest in Social Security.

ODCLCA's Mission

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Other pages related to legislation:
SSA Budget Information and Appropriations hearings.
Actuarial cost estimates. Beneficiaries by State and County.
IG Testimony.

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Nominations and Appointments


Legislative Proposals to Congress


Recent Issues


Other Information


Program Data Fact Sheets

Program Factsheets Statistics by Congressional District  

Reports to Congress

These SSA reports to Congress are available online:

Congressional Inquiries Guide

SSA publishes the Congressional Inquiries Guide (Guide) to assist congressional offices with Social Security-related issues. The Guide contains an overview of SSA, descriptions of various aspects of the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs and useful SSA points of contact. It is available in printed and compact disk versions. If your congressional office does not have a copy, or you need an additional copy of the Guide, you may use our Request for the Social Security Congressional Inquiries Guide.


Laws and Regulations

Compilation of the Social Security Laws contains the full text of the Social Security Act of 1935, as Amended, and selected provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.

All Social Security Regulations are contained in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 20, Parts 400-499 - Federal regulations for the Social Security Administration and Social Security programs.


Compilations of Historic Documents
("the Downey Books")

The Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs prepares Compilations of Historic Documents regarding public laws that are of specific interest to SSA. The compilations contain a chronological set of documents pertinent to the legislative development of law, such as congressional debates, legislative bulletins, and reference materials.  
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