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How to Obtain Reproductions

In most cases, digital files can be downloaded from the Web site. Rights and permissions information found in associated catalog records and/or in the Copyright and Other Restrictions page should be consulted before publishing or otherwise distributing images found on the site. Depending on the item and its source, other types of reproductions may be available.

Prints and Photographs Division Items

Prints and Photographs Division items can be ordered from the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service. Reproductions (prints or transparencies) are made from high quality negatives or transparencies or from digital files. To place an order:

  • Take down the reproduction number. These are generally found at the end of image captions and in associated bibliographic records in the "REPRODUCTION NUMBER" field. Reproduction numbers consist of a series of letters and numbers, generally beginning with the letters LC-. . . . Also note, if possible, the type of medium (glass or film negative or color transparency) mentioned in parentheses.

  • If no reproduction number is found in the caption or the "REPRODUCTION NUMBER" field does not appear in the associated record, write down the letters and numbers that appear in the "CALL NUMBER" field. (The original will have to be photographed by the Photoduplication Service.)

  • Write down a brief caption for the item.

  • Contact the Photoduplication Service to place an order (telephone: 202 707-5640; Fax: 202 707-1771; e-mail: Orders are accepted by e-mail, Fax, and mail.

Items from Other Library of Congress Divisions

The Photoduplication Service can make copies from digital files found on the site. Contact the Photoduplication Service (telephone: 202 707-5640; Fax: 202 707-1771; e-mail: for information about digital copying services and instructions on ordering.

Alternatively, it may be possible to obtain other types of copies of the original items; note any reproduction or call numbers that appear in the caption and consult with staff of the Library of Congress unit that holds the item (indicated at the end of the image caption and in associated bibliographic records). For General Collections items, contact the Photoduplication Service.

Items from Other Institutions

In some cases, items from other institutions that have contributed to American Memory are illustrated or referred to on the American Women site. Consult the "How to Order Reproductions" or "Availability of Reproductions" document for the collection from which the item comes to determine how to obtain copies of such items.

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