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Science & Technology
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Energy Sciences

The Office of Science’s mission in energy sciences is met through the Basic Energy Sciences (BES) program.   This program supports a multipurpose, scientific research effort designed to expand the scientific foundations for new and improved energy technologies and for understanding and mitigating the environmental impacts of energy use.  The BES portfolio supports work in the natural sciences, emphasizing fundamental research in materials sciences, chemistry, geosciences, and aspects of biosciences.  BES delivers the knowledge needed to support the President’s National Energy Plan for improving the quality of life for all Americans. 

In addition, BES works cooperatively with other agencies and the programs of the National Nuclear Security Administration to discover knowledge and develop tools to strengthen national security and combat terrorism.  As part of its mission, the BES program plans, constructs, and operates major scientific user facilities to serve researchers at universities, national laboratories, and industrial laboratories.

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