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Manufacturing and Services (MAS) is dedicated to strengthening the global competitiveness of U.S. industry, expanding its market access, and increasing exports. MAS undertakes industry economic and trade policy analysis, shapes U.S. trade policy, participates in trade negotiations, organizes trade capacity building programs, and evaluates the impact of domestic and international economic and regulatory policies on U.S. manufacturers and service industries. MAS works with other U.S. Government agencies in developing a public policy environment that advances U.S. competitiveness at home and abroad.

The Office of Manufacturing and the Office of Services consists of industry analysts covering virtually all industry sectors of the economy. The Office of Industry Analysis performs economic and statistical analysis to support U.S. industry competitiveness and evaluates industry recommendations for trade negotiations.

MAS also oversees key Department of Commerce Initiatives, including the Manufacturing Initiative and the Standards Initiative. Through the Manufacturing Initiative, MAS is addressing the challenges facing U.S. manufacturers. Under the Standards Initiative, MAS coordinates trade-related standards activities across ITA, the Department, and other U.S. Government agencies and seeks to remove standards-related trade barriers.

MAS facilitates formal private sector advice to policymakers through an advisory committee program that includes the Industry Trade Advisory Committees , the Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, the Manufacturing Council and the President's Export Council.

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