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Are You Pregnant and Thinking About Adoption?
Also available in: Spanish
Answers questions and concerns to individuals that may be considering giving a baby up for adoption.... Details >
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Center Locator - Birthright International  External Links Disclaimer Logo
Birthright includes nearly 500 offices in the United States and Canada. To locate the office nearest you, enter your zip code in the Locations Search tool.... Details >
Birthright International
Find a Health Center Near You - Planned Parenthood Federation of America  External Links Disclaimer Logo
Planned Parenthood affiliated health centers nationwide provide high quality, affordable reproductive health care and sexual health information to nearly five million women, men and teens and operate ... Details >
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
I'm Pregnant. What Are My Options?  External Links Disclaimer Logo
Your decision to choose parenthood, adoption, or abortion will likely be based on many factors including where you are in your life, what you believe, and what your needs are. Explore your options to ... Details >
National Abortion Federation
OptionLine - Find a Counseling Center  External Links Disclaimer Logo
This site will help you locate the pregnancy centers nearest you, post-abortion help, and information about pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, abortion procedures, abortion risks, and all pregnanc... Details >
Heartbeat International
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Birthright InternationalExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
Heartbeat InternationalExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
National Abortion FederationExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
National Adoption CenterExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
National Council For AdoptionExternal Links Disclaimer Logo
Planned Parenthood Federation of AmericaExternal Links Disclaimer Logo

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