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For Immediate Release:September 8, 2008
Contact: Office of Public Affairs  (202) 482-3809

Commerce Department Support for the Republic of Georgia

The Commerce Department is committed to working with the American and Georgian business communities, other U.S. Government agencies, and Georgia’s Government to support reconstruction and stabilization as well as expanded trade and investment.  The following are examples of programs the Commerce Department plans to carry out to support Georgia.

  • Dispatch a trade mission to Georgia with the America Georgia Business Council to expand bilateral commercial engagement and to support Georgia’s economic growth.  Please contact Sean Timmins, Commercial Service Trade Missions (202-482-1841), for more information.
  • Bolster support for trade and investment with Georgia through a U.S.–Georgia Business Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia, hosted by Deputy Secretary Sullivan, in conjunction with the trade mission.
  • Conduct training programs in the United States for Georgian experts on issues related to reconstruction such as road, airport and port construction.
  • Send a Commercial Officer to Georgia to facilitate U.S. business participation in Georgia’s reconstruction.
  • Co-sponsor conferences and workshops in Georgia for Georgian companies, providing them with information on how to do expand trade with the United States.
  • Conduct outreach “roadshows” in the United States to build awareness of opportunities associated with economic reconstruction and development in Georgia.
  • Design and implement a financial services training program in the United States for Georgian officials to learn U.S. best practices in regulation, taxation, legislation, product development, brokerage and trading activities, mortgage financing.
  • Facilitate U.S. company visits to Georgia to conduct training programs on best practices for key industries.
  • Sponsor a symposium on the policy environment for entrepreneurship to reinforce the successful improvements Georgia has made to its business environment.
  • Bolster Georgia’s oil and gas sector and energy independence efforts by providing technical assistance on the development of a report on investment needs, infrastructure requirements, market development and commercial opportunities.
  • Conduct a judicial capacity building program to train Georgian judges in adjudicating commercial disputes, including intellectual property and other issues.