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Science & Technology
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Teaching & Education

The Office of Science Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists program continues the Department’s long-standing role of training young scientists, engineers and technicians in the scientifically and technically advanced environment of our National Laboratories.   Through providing a wide variety of college undergraduates the opportunity to work side by side with many of the world’s best scientists and use the most advanced scientific instruments available, this program intends to expand the nation’s supply of well-trained scientists and engineers, especially in the physical sciences where the greatest demand lies.  By providing K-14 teachers, mentor-intensive laboratory fellowships, this program will greatly enhance their content knowledge and skills of mathematics and science and can contribute to the national goal of a qualified teacher in every classroom.

To help U.S. University and colleges stay at the forefront of science education and research, the Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology University Program assists universities in the operation of research reactors and in the performance of other educational activities. Direct support is provided to educational institutions in 27 states.

The Department of Energy's University Nuclear Infrastructure (UNI)  program, newly formed for FY 2003, brings together several program elements, including the new Innovations in Nuclear Infrastructure and Education Initiative, supporting the increasingly vital university nuclear engineering infrastructure.

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