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Archived Articles from The Office of Minority Health (OMH) Newsletters

Below are a list of articles from previously published Office of Minority Health Newsletters. This list is presented to serve as an archival reference to information on issues related to minority health.

To view this list via topic, visit our OMH Publications section of our Web site.

Last Modified: 05/02/2008 09:33:00 AM

The following represents the content we have available in this category:
pdf file Start 'Em Early, Start 'Em Young--Introducing Minority Youth to Health Professions
pdf file Studies Explore Patient-Physician Perspectives on Treating Pain Effectively
pdf file More Research Needed on Breast Cancer in Black Women
pdf file Working Together to Better Understand Cancer-Related Health Disparities
pdf file Ohio Turns to Hispanic Community to Develop Data Publication
pdf file Prostate Cancer--'Real Men' are Checking it Out in South Carolina
pdf file Lifting the Unequal Burden of Cancer on Minorities and Underserved
pdf file Cancer Monologues--A Comedy That Promotes Chicano Health
pdf file Breaking Cultural Barriers-Cervical Cancer in Asian American and Pacific Islander Women
pdf file Colorectal Screening--Getting Tested Can Save Your Life
pdf file U.S. Moves to Develop U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission
pdf file Helping New Jersey Residents Breathe Easier
pdf file Ensuring Healthy Development
pdf file Making School Health Programs What They Used To Be
pdf file What You Need to Know About Today's Teenage Girls
pdf file Teen Birth Rates Down in All States
pdf file Helping Youth in High Risk Environments
pdf file Overcoming Common Barriers to Treating Adolescents
pdf file Healthy People 2010 Process--What?s Happening Now?
pdf file Fitness Program Helps Keep Teens Out of Trouble
pdf file Latinos Need Culturally Appropriate Smoking Cessation Programs
pdf file HRSA's Division of Transplantation Reaching Out to Minorities
pdf file Not Just the "Baby Blues"--Postpartum Depression
pdf file Communities Take Action-Diabetes in AAPI Community Soaring
pdf file We've Got the Cure for What's Ailing You
pdf file Educating Health Professionals--Are We Failing Minorities
pdf file Fetal Alcohol Syndrome-Efforts Underway to Reduce Rates
pdf file Lack of Minority Role Models Affects Nursing Shortage
pdf file Latina Promotoras Educate Farmworkers--Diabetes Control in the Message
pdf file Lay Health Workers Can Help Change Behaviors
pdf file Maternal Mortality--African Americans Remain at Higher Risk
pdf file Safe Motherhood--Preventing Pregnancy-Related Illness and Death
pdf file 10 Things You Should Know About Oral Health--Information for New and Expectant Mothers
pdf file ¡Soy Unica! ¡Soy Latina! --Using Cultural Pride as a Substance Abuse Prevention Strategy
pdf file A Look at Medicaid and Managed Care
pdf file A National Approach--State Programs Reduce Diabetes in African Americans
pdf file A Safe Haven on the Reservation--Protecting Women from Intimate Partner Violence
pdf file Adult Immunizations Save Lives
pdf file AIDS Hotline Signs on Deaf Consumers
pdf file Black Women Less Likely to be Referred for High-Tech Cardiac Tests
pdf file Breaking New Ground--Public Health Takes on Workplace Violence
pdf file Caring for Our Aging Minority Women
pdf file CDC Closes Gap on Hispanic Childhood Immunizations
pdf file Challenges and Opportunities for Oral Health in Communities of Color
pdf file Cultural Competency
pdf file Dental Insurance is Essential But Not Enough
pdf file Dental Program Brings Latino Values to California Community
pdf file Diabetes During Pregnancy--Women of Color At Increased Risk
pdf file Diabetes Programs Have Local Style
pdf file Domestic Violence--The Hidden Secret of the LGBT Community
pdf file Easy Foot Test Just a LEAP Away
pdf file Elder Abuse--A Growing Concern in the African American Community
pdf file Facts About Minorities and Organ Donation
pdf file Faith Community Working to Prevent HIV and AIDS and Substance Abuse
pdf file Fighting Youth Violence, One Boy at a Time
pdf file Office of Minority Health Publishes Final Standards for Cultural and Linguistic Competence
pdf file Getting to the Heart of Diabetes
pdf file Grantmaker Assistance Program
pdf file HCFA Keeps Public Informed About Medicare
pdf file HCFA Kicks Off 3rd Year of Community Flu Projects
pdf file Help for Parents of Children with Special Needs
pdf file Helping High School Students Find Money for College
pdf file Hepatitis B Vaccine Saves Lives--Spares Suffering Among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
pdf file HIV Prevention Community Planning
pdf file HIV Program for New York's Immigrants
pdf file L.A. Program Gives HIV Support Services and Education to Latino Community
pdf file How HRSA Programs Support SCHIP Outreach
pdf file How to Write A Winning Proposal--Knowing what funders want and how to deliver it
pdf file HRSA Studies Ryan White Reauthorization
pdf file Hypertension--A Silent Deadly Killer
pdf file IHS Policy Ensures American Indian Beliefs Are Respected
pdf file Immigration Fears and Eligibility Rules Among Barriers to SCHIP
pdf file Immunizations--Not Just for the Young
pdf file Impact of Domestic Abuse on HIV Prevention in Hispanic Women
pdf file Improving SCHIP Outreach in Rural Areas
pdf file Improving the Health of Minority Women--The Role of Research
pdf file Improving the Lives of Minorities with Disabilities
pdf file In the New Century--the Future is Aging
pdf file Indian Health Service Continues to Provide for Millions--Medicare and Medicaid Work Hard to Keep Up
pdf file Increasing SCHIP Access for American Indians Children
pdf file Joining Together to Make SCHIP Work
pdf file Julio Iglesias Urges Hispanics to Seek Treatment for Depression
pdf file Keep Sight of Diabetic Eye Disease
pdf file Kidney Disease and African Americans
pdf file Lifesaving Vaccines Under-Used by Minority Adults
pdf file Looking for Money--Common Mistakes People make in the Search for Funding
pdf file Making Cultural Competency Work
pdf file Making Oral Health A Priority
pdf file Managed Care Takes On Diabetes
pdf file Meals on Wheels Helps Elders Maintain Good Nutrition
pdf file Men Need to Know Their Options
pdf file Medicare and Diabetes--New Services Available
pdf file Men's Health--Why You Need To Act Now!
pdf file Minorities Less Likely to Have Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
pdf file Minorities More Likely to Rely on Medicare
pdf file Minority Dentists--Why Do We Need Them?
pdf file Minority Women's Health Initiative: Panel of Experts Address Equal Health Care for All Women
pdf file Moving Toward Consensus on Cultural Competence in Health Care
pdf file National Diabetes Education Program
pdf file National Initiative Promotes Dialogue on Organ and Tissue Donation
pdf file NDEP Forms Working Groups to Reach Minorities
pdf file New HHS Rule Calls for Organ Allocation Based on Medical Criteria Not Geography
pdf file New Obesity Guidelines--Minority Women at Risk
pdf file New Report Cites Need for Better Information on Disability Laws
pdf file Not Just the Blues--Recognizing and Treating Depression
pdf file One in Five Americans Have Some Form of Disability
pdf file Pharmacists Provide Immunizations and Education to Minorities
pdf file Personal Approach Leads to Multiple Funding Sources
pdf file Providing Services to Combat Domestic Violence in New York City's Minority Communities
pdf file Recognizing the Link Can Save Your Life--Diabetes and Heart Disease
pdf file Recognizing and Treating Depression in Older Adults
pdf file Review of Surgeon General's Report on Smoking
pdf file Remembering the Boys--The Male Role in Pregnancy Prevention
pdf file Salud para su Corazón--A Model for Heart Health.
pdf file Stopping Gang Violence in Texas--One Community's Effort
pdf file Student Volunteers Boost SCHIP Enrollment in NY
pdf file Substance Abuse Prevention in Managed Care--A Missing Ingredient for Better Health
pdf file Substance Abuse--Public Enemy Number One
pdf file Substance Abuse--What's Working to Keep Our Youth Drug Free?
pdf file Suicide Epidemic Continues Among American Indian Youth
pdf file Talking with Dr. Hilton M. Hudson About The Black Man's Guide to Good Health
pdf file Technical Assistance Centers Provide ADA Guidance
pdf file Teen Violence--Schools Are Not Immune
pdf file Teens Having Sex--Teaching About Risks and Consequences
pdf file The Pacific Substance Abuse and Mental Health Initiative
pdf file The Problem of Accessing Health Care
pdf file Tobacco Prevention--Looking Beyond the Statistics
pdf file Training Board Members to be Effective Fundraisers
pdf file Tobacco Use--Health Threat to Asian and Pacific Islander Communities
pdf file Understanding Differences in Customs and Patterns of Thinking
pdf file Using Culture and Tradition to Fight Diabetes
pdf file Violence Prevention--Who's Responsible?
pdf file Where to Begin the Search for Funding--What Grantseekers Need to Know
pdf file Whose Rights Are We Protecting Anyway?
pdf file Who Has Diabetes
pdf file Who is Helping the Caregivers?
pdf file Workshop Explores Creative Methods of Encouraging Adults to Get Shots
pdf file You Too Can Save a Life--Encouraging Minorities to Become Donors.
pdf file The Minority AIDS crisis: Congressional Black Caucus prompts Administration to launch $156 million HIV/AIDS Initiative for Racial and Ethnic Minorities
pdf file "Pre-Diabetes" new campaign targets those most at risk
pdf file ?Si Tiene Diabetes Cuide Su Corazón?--Targeting Hispanics and Latinos
pdf file HHS' Office of Civil Rights Focuses on Title VI Policy--Provides Guidance for Ensuring Linguistic Access
pdf file Working Toward Our Goal--Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health
pdf file What Must We Do To Meet Healthy People Goals?
pdf file The Quality of Racial Data
pdf file Tennessee Creates Latino Network
pdf file The New Old Disease--Hepatitis C
pdf file Telemedicine Works
pdf file Target Setting--How Low or High Do We Aim?
pdf file Take Two Ginger Root and Call Me In The Morning
pdf file Supporting State Offices of Minority Health
pdf file Study Explores African Americans' Attitudes Toward Research
pdf file Strengthening the Community--Academic Partnerships for Research
pdf file State Incentive Grants--Illinois DHS Seeks Statewide Collaboration
pdf file State Children's Health Insurance Program--Providing Coverage to Nearly Two Million Children
pdf file Software to Guide Your Prevention Programming--CSAPs PreventionDSS
pdf file Small Businesses Makes Big Strides in New York
pdf file Revised CLAS Standards From the Office of Minority Health
pdf file Research Made Easy--The National Women's Health Information Center
pdf file Recruitment and Retention Critical to Minority Health Professionals
pdf file Race, Ethnicity, Class and Culture
pdf file Reaffirming Our Commitment to Improving Health Services for Hispanics
pdf file Putting the Right People in the Right Places--Minority Health Professionals Serve Community Needs
pdf file Promoting Positive Behavior-Abstinence Education Programs Reach Minority Youth
pdf file Project 3000 by 2000--Expanding Our Network
pdf file Project IMPACT--Increasing Minority Participation and Awareness of Clinical Trials
pdf file Preparing Now for Long-Term Care
pdf file President's Committee Addresses Unemployment
pdf file Pacific Islander Health Officers Association
pdf file Pacific Islander Community Council Serving Pacific Islanders in Southern California
pdf file Oregon Group Promotes Cultural Competency
pdf file Out of Many One--Coalition Building for Minority Communities Gap
pdf file NY Coalition for New Philanthropy Works to Empower Ethnic Donors
pdf file North Carolina OMH Improves Availability of Health Data
pdf file No Cost Big Benefit--Breastfeeding Promotes Health and Prevents Disease
pdf file New Hope on the Horizon-Screening for Sickle Cell Disease
pdf file New Federal Standards Recognize Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders as Distinct Group
pdf file Native Americans Pay High Cost for Health Care
pdf file National Medical Association Supports Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
pdf file National Hispanic Health Symposium and Regional Meetings
pdf file More Than 2220 Attend: First Summit Packs the House
pdf file More Hispanics Needed in Public Health
pdf file Minority Youth Encouraged To Enter Health Professions
pdf file Minority Health Entities Impact State Health Disparities
pdf file Minority Health in the U.S.--An Overview
pdf file Medical Schools Want Help in Providing Cultural Competence Curriculum
pdf file Many Teens, Families Unaware They Qualify for Insurance
pdf file Managed Care Moves to the Head of the CLAS--Implementing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
pdf file Making an Important Investment-Prenatal Care for the Uninsured
pdf file Low Literacy--A Health Care Quality Issue
pdf file Linking Minorities to Health Services-Successful Strategies for Outreach Workers
pdf file Learning from Each Other--Joining Forces
pdf file Innovative Uses of Technology for Underserved Communities
pdf file Inouye Amendments Would Extend the Native Hawaiian Health Care Act
pdf file Increasing Capabilities Through Coalitions
pdf file Implications of New Age Adjustment Standard on Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
pdf file HRSA Opens Doors for Minorities in Health Professions
pdf file HRSA Develops Strategic Plan for Pacific Basin
pdf file How To Evaluate Your Program
pdf file How Do We Fill the Data Gaps?
pdf file How Are We Doing?
pdf file HHS' Hispanic Agenda for Action
pdf file Healthy People 2010--What Can We Do to Shape the Objectives?
pdf file Healthy People 2010 and Beyond--Surgeon General Calls on Public to Help Improve America's Health
pdf file Health Care is Not Color-Blind--Race Impacts Access to Care
pdf file Health Disparities Among Pacific Islanders
pdf file Health Care Headaches--Accessing Safety Net Services
pdf file HCFA Study to Determine Best Ways to Reach Latino Beneficiaries
pdf file Fighting the Fatherlessness Epidemic
pdf file Federal Officials Organize to Address Unique Health Needs of Pacific Islanders
pdf file FDA Supports Hispanic Action Agenda--Develops Diversity Databank
pdf file Diversity Training in Medical School--AMSA Tests Pilot Curriculum
pdf file Disparities Persist in Infant Mortality--Creative Approaches Work to Close the Gap
pdf file Decreasing Violence Using Cultural Traditions
pdf file Correcting the Visions of Paradise
pdf file Connecting Pacific Islands to Speciality Care
pdf file Comparing Native Hawaiians' Health to the Nation
pdf file Collaboration at its Best--Partnerships Key to Reducing Health Disparities
pdf file Closing the Gap for the Nation's Most Vunerable Population
pdf file Closing Health Disparities in the US Pacific Islands
pdf file Clinton Announces Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Initiative
pdf file Cherokees Build A Healthy Nation
pdf file CDC and ATSDR Establishes Workgroup to Enhance Hispanic Representation
pdf file Border Vision Fronteriza--Tapping Into Community Workers and Volunteers
pdf file Black Doctors Raise Immunization Awareness--Give Minorities New Shot At Life
pdf file African American Women at Risk
pdf file Addressing the Health Needs of Gay and Lesbian Patients
pdf file AAPCHO and HRSA Address Health Disparities Among Pacific Islanders
pdf file 9 Ways to Steer Minorities Toward Dental School

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