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State Summaries FY 2007/2008

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Formula Funding Fiscal Year 2007/2008
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant: $3,306,749
Community Mental Health Services Block Grant: $502,354
Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH): $300,000
Protection and Advocacy Formula Grant: $413,000
Subtotal of Formula Funding: $4,522,103
Discretionary Funding Fiscal Year 2007/2008
Mental Health: $2,684,861
Substance Abuse Prevention: $2,645,479
Substance Abuse Treatment: $133,236
Subtotal of Discretionary Funding: $5,463,576
Total Mental Health Funds: $3,900,215
Total Substance Abuse Funds: $6,085,464
Total Funds: $9,985,679

Last Update: 2/27/2008