How Long Will it Take to Process a Passport Application?

At this time, we are processing routine applications in approximately three weeks from the time of application.  We are processing requests for expedited service within two weeks door-to-door*.  

APPLY NOW and be ready for the new land and sea travel requirements coming June 2009!

If you are traveling or need your passport in order to get a visa within 14 days:

Please call us at the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-4USA-PPT (1-877-487-2778) to schedule an appointment to apply in person at a Passport Agency (please see note below).

If you have already applied but will not need your passport within 14 days:

There should be no need to contact us at this time. Our goal is to make sure that no one misses a trip. We have added staff and are working overtime across the country to achieve this goal.

The U.S. passport card is now in production!

We began production of the U.S. Passport Card on July 14.  To date, we have received and adjudicated well over 400,000 applications for the U.S. Passport Card. Customers who submitted an application for the U.S. Passport Card prior to production, will receive their Passport Card between now and early September.  

Checking the status of your application:  You can check the status of your application online.  Currently, it is taking 5-7 days for applications to be tracked online.   It may take less time if you paid for Expedite Service and sent your application via overnight delivery.  Currently, the status of passport card applications cannot be checked.  

If you apply today And Choose

What to expect

At a Passport Acceptance Facility**
By Mail (for renewal, additional pages, and amendment)
Routine Service We will process your application in approximately three weeks from the time of application
Expedited Service***
Plus Overnight delivery service for:
Sending your application and Returning your passport to you
We will process your application within two weeks door-to-door*.

*Door-to-Door: The 2 week "door-to-door" estimated timeframe for receipt of your passport takes into consideration the additional time it may take to receive your passport application at a Passport Agency/Center when you apply for Expedited Passport Processing through a designated Passport Acceptance Facility and for the passport to be mailed to you.  It may take longer for customers who apply for a renewal by mail without "Expedite" marked on the mailing envelope.  

**Acceptance Facilities: There are over 9,400 facilities accepting passport applications, such as your local post office, municipal office, courthouse, library.   Please see Where to Apply for Passports Nationwide for information on the locations of Passport Acceptance Facilities near you.

***Expedite Service:  If you apply for your passport today and request Expedited Passport Processing, you can expect to receive your passport within two weeks door-to-door.  Effective June 16, 2008, the Department’s standard for expedited passport processing completion, as defined in 22 CFR 51.56, is five business days from either: 1) receipt of your passport application at a Passport Agency/Center; or 2) if the passport application is already at a Passport Agency/Center, the date your request for expedited passport processing is approved. Expedited passport processing is considered complete when the passport is ready to be picked by an applicant or when it is put in the mail to the applicant. 

Customers are encouraged to check this web site for the most up-to-date passport application processing times.  


  • There is no charge for an appointment at a passport agency. Customers should not pay anyone or any business making such a charge.
  • Passport Agencies assist customers with urgent travel needs (generally if you are traveling within 2 weeks).
  • Passport Agencies are open by appointment only and require proof of travel date or need for foreign visas. See List of Regional Passport Agencies .
  • If you haven’t received your passport and are traveling within the next 7 days , please call the National Passport Information Center