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Today, there is more demand for Government effectiveness and a greater urgency to recruit the best available talent to address the country's challenges. Federal agencies must find that talent and hire efficiently - while meeting the expectations of both applicants and hiring managers. Improving your hiring process in a meaningful way is what this website is about, whether it is shortening the time it takes to post a position or sharpening the way you select the best candidate for the job. To find out how to improve your hiring process, Get Started.

Links to Get started section.
Begin your Hiring Toolkit experience with this introductory page or to experience the interactive tool that will help you identify the areas of your hiring process most in need of improvement:

Hiring Process Analysis Tool:
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Links to Prepare to Hire section. Image: Decision-makers discuss their hiring process.

1. Prepare to Hire

Lay the groundwork for a successful hire.

Links to Select the Best section. Image: A woman with arms outstretched in welcome.

3. Select the Best

Identify the candidates who best fit your hiring needs.

Links to Recruit Top Talent section. Image: A group of potential job applicants.

2. Recruit Top Talent

Expand your reach to attract a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Links to Measure Success section. Image: A man points to a satisfaction chart headed upward.

4. Measure Success

Assess your hiring process to fuel its continuous improvement.