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ME Top Items - November 24, 2004 Continued

CITA, Assistive Technology Day, showcase TALKS by Cingular Wireless.

OGP’s Center for Information Technology Accommodation, Assistive Technology Showcase hosted an Assistive Technology Day, Thursday November 18th at the GSA Central Office in room 1216. Cingular Wireless demonstrates their new technology TALKS which allowa persons who are visually impaired to access all cell phone features that were previously only accessible for those who could see the screen. For further information about this event go to breaking news on or contact Marilyn Estep, 202-501-3322 (voice), 202-501-2010 (TDD), or email

ME Met with Danish City Officials to Discuss e-government Services

Mary Mitchell and Keith Thurston of Office of Technology Strategy (ME) discussed progress toward integrating of e-government and private business services into communications strategy and the presidential initiatives. They also provided input in the acceptance by governement managers and users of e-gov. For more information, contact Keith Thurston at 202-501-3175 or email or Mary Mitchell at 202-501-0202 or email

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