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4th Annual Congress on Health Outcomes and Accountability
Washington, DC. American Pharmaceutical Association, Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson Medical College. General information: Elaine Mellis, (415)495-2450; registration information: (800)270-8440.
September 7-10, 1997.

15th Annual Occupational Health and Safety Institute and First Annual Environmental Health Policy Institute.
Minneapolis, MN. Environmental Health Policy Institute and Occupational Health and Safety Institute, University of Minnesota. (612)221-3223.
September 8-19, 1997.

Catch the Magic: ASPO/Lamaze 37th 1997 Annual Conference.
Lake Buena Vista, FL. American Society for Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetrics, Inc./Lamaze. (800)368-4404 or (202)857-1128.
September 12-14, 1997.

National Conference on Women.
Phoenix, AZ. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). Program information contact Pam McDonnell, SAMHSA, (301)443-7625; e-mail: Logistics information: Raquel Vaughn, (301)495-1596, x338; e-mail:
September 21-24, 1997.

The Third National Primary Care Behavioral Healthcare Summit.
Chicago, IL. Institute for Behavioral Healthcare, Primary Care/Behavioral Healthcare Partnership, CentraLink. (415)851-8411; fax: (415)851-0406.
November 10-12, 1997.

American Public Health Association 12th Annual Meeting and Exposition.
Indianapolis, IN. (202)789-5670.
November 9-13, 1997.

NAHDO's 12th Annual Meeting: Health Initiatives. Baltimore, MD. National Association of Health Data Organizations. (703)532-3282; e-mail:
November 17-18, 1997.

Cardiovascular Health: Coming Together for the 21st Century. A National Conference.
San Francisco, CA. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; Cardiovascular Disease Out-reach, Resources, and Epidemiology; University of California-San Francisco; California Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Coalition. (415)476-5808;
February 21, 1998.

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