Women's Health USA 2007
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Population Characteristics
> U.S. Population
> U.S. Female Population by Race/Ethnicity
> Household Composition
> Women and Poverty
> Educational Degrees and Instructional Staff
> Women in Health Professions Schools
> Women in the Labor Force
> Food Security
> Women and Federal Program Participation

Health Status

Health Behaviors
> Life Expectancy
> Physical Activity
> Nutrition
> Cigarette Smoking
> Alcohol Use
> Illicit Drug Use

Health Indicators
> Self-Reported Health Status
> Activity Limitations and Disabilities
> Arthritis
> Asthma
> Autoimmune Disease
> Diabetes
> Cancer
> Gynecological and Reproductive Disorders
> Injury
> Heart Disease and Stroke
> Hypertension
> Leading Causes of Death
> Oral Health and Dental Care
> Mental Illness and Suicide
> Osteoporosis
> Overweight and Obesity
> Sexually Transmitted Infections
> Sleep Disorders
> Violence and Abuse

Maternal Health
> HIV in Pregnancy
> Weight Gain During Pregnancy
> Maternal Morbidity and Risk Factors in Pregnancy
> Obstetrical Procedures and Complications of Labor and Delivery
> Live Births
> Breastfeeding

Special Populations
> Older Women
> Rural and Urban Women

Health Services Utilization
> Usual Source of Care
> Health Insurance
> Medicare and Medicaid
> Quality of Women's Health Care
> Mental Health Care Utilization
> Health Care Expenditures
> Preventive Care
> HIV Testing
> Medication Use
> Organ Transplantation
> HRSA Programs

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