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October 2004
  • Risk & Time Horizon
  • Year-end Notes for Separated Participants
  • Processing Interfund Transfers
July 2004
  • How much do you need to save for retirement?
  • Customer Service Updates (new toll-free number)
  • Loan Program Changes
April 2004
  • Checkup Time (for your TSP account)
  • G Fund Earnings Step Up
  • Investing Wisely
  • New Loan Rules
  • Make a statement! (getting a Web-based or mailed statement)
  • EFT = Easy, Fast, Trustworthy
January 2004
  • Changes to the TSP Loan Program
  • Web or Paper Statements?
October 2003
  • Got Beneficiaries?
  • Your Withdrawal Options
  • Pay it off! (Your TSP loan)
  • It's nice to share (explanation of shares in the new record keeping system)
  • Participants ask about their statements
  • Slow & Steady... (about rebalancing the investments in your account and market timing)
May 2003
  • Catching Up on "Catch-Up Contributions"
  • In the Ready Reserve?
  • Participants ask about beneficiaries
  • Feeling unbalanced? (rebalancing your account to meet your investment goals)
  • PIN Points (using your TSP PIN)
November 2002
  • We hear you (about the new record keeping system)
May 2002
  • Where do we stand? (about the new record keeping system)
November 2001
  • Progress Report on the New Record Keeping System
  • New Transfer Option Available
  • New Loan Information on the Web
  • Participants ask about contributions
  • The TSP PIN — Key to Your Account
May 2001
  • Two New Funds — Are they for you?
  • New TSP Benefits (increased contribution limits and immediate enrollment for new employees)
November 2000
  • Here come the S and I Funds!
  • Participants ask about the address for the TSP Service Office and making name changes
  • Have you changed your address?
  • Before you take the money and run... (leaving your money in the TSP)
May 2000
  • Just a slight delay... (about the new record keeping system)
  • Transition timing
  • Participants ask about new legislation (transfers into the TSP)
November 1999
  • Are we there yet? (about the new record keeping system)
  • Participants ask about new withdrawal options
  • Your TSP PIN
May 1999
  • Update — New Record Keeping System (how the new system will affect your account and what participants should do)
  • Test Your Knowledge - Investment Quiz
  • Participants ask about interfund transfers
  • Tangled in the Web?
  • Do you have a loan?
  • Keep your beneficiary information up-to-date
November 1998
  • Understanding the F Fund (Yes, you can!) (describes bonds, index funds, F Fund risks and advantages)
May 1998
  • How much is enough? (your retirement needs, income, and savings)
  • Participants ask about account access
  • PIN replacement
November 1997
  • New In-Service Withdrawals Available
  • Who knows where your money goes? (making a beneficiary designation)
  • Participants Ask about PINs
  • Left Service and over age 70?

May 1997
  • TSP Web Site -
  • Spouses' Rights (More than just a nice's The Law!)
November 1996
  • Ready or Not... (four basic principles of investing)
May 1996
  • The Cost of TSP Loans
  • The Budget, Debt Limit, and G Fund
November 1995
  • The TSP Looks to the Future (new funds; daily valuation; new record keeping system)
  • Don't Jump!  (reacting to market swings)
  • Beneficiary Qs & As
May 1995
  • 1994 Returns in Perspective (what should my strategy be?)
  • How can I learn more about the TSP?
  • Check Your SCD (service computation date)
November 1994
  • "Hello...ThriftLine?" (formerly the TSP Inquiry Line)
  • Naming a Beneficiary
May 1994
  • The Miracle of Compounding
  • When does the early withdrawal penalty apply?
November 1993
  • Investing for the Long Term:  The Benefits of Indexing
May 1993
  • Managing the Risks of C and F Fund Investments (allocating your contributions; dollar cost averaging; rebalancing; changing your strategy)
November 1992
  • Inflation, Taxes, and Your TSP Account
May 1992
  • Happy Fifth (TSP anniversary) (contributions increasing; investments more diversified)
November 1991
  • Obsolete
  • Anything amiss on your statement?
May 1991
  • Participants Ponder C & F Funds (returns vs. risks; minimizing risk with dollar cost averaging; role of interfund transfers)

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