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Secretary’s Council Reviews Plans
for Healthy People 2010

The Secretary’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2010 held its second meeting on April 30, 1998, in Washington, DC. Established by charter on September 5, 1996, the Council advises the Secretary of Health and Human Services on Healthy People 2010, the Nation’s prevention agenda—goals and objectives for health improvement in the first decade of the 21st century.

Vice Chair David Satcher, Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon General, presided at the meeting, and Secretary Donna Shalala, the Chair, also participated.

The Council reviewed progress in Healthy People 2010 development since its inaugural meeting in April 1997 and addressed a number of issues in the Healthy People 2010 draft document, which will be presented for public comment this fall. For example, in considering the overarching goal to eliminate health disparities, the members affirmed that one target should be set for all population groups.

During a 3-month period in the fall of 1997, over 700 comments from the public were received on the Department’s proposed framework for the 2010 objectives. The Council considered options for the proposed framework and a table of contents for organizing the chapters. A revised diagram emerged from the meeting that incorporated the two overarching goals—increase years of quality and healthy life and eliminate health disparities—and three sections—promote healthy behaviors, promote healthy communities, and prevent and reduce diseases and disorders.

Heads of the Department’s lead agencies presented proposed objectives for the Council’s consideration. These presentations and the ensuing discussions among the Council members occupied the major portion of the day’s proceedings.

The Council also heard presentations from invited guests on enhancing the use of Healthy People 2010 as a communication tool. A representative of the National Academy of Sciences discussed the development of leading health indicators, i.e., the set of selected objectives to be chosen for their potential to attract maximum attention and involvement of community leaders and opinion-makers. The Chair of the newly established Healthy People Business Advisory

Council discussed plans to increase the business community’s involvement in developing and implementing national health promotion and disease prevention policies. The president of the Institute for Alternative Futures presented possible scenarios that may threaten or bolster the likelihood of achieving the 2010 goals.

The Council’s recommendations will be used in the Healthy People 2010 draft document that will be released in the fall of 1998 for public comment. Guided by public input, the heads of the Department’s operating divisions will develop a final set of objectives for the Secretary’s Council to review at its next meeting in April 1999. Guidance and updates on all aspects of the 2010 process can be accessed on the Internet at A transcript of the April 30 meeting is posted on this Internet site.

The Secretary’s Council on Health
Promotion and Disease Prevention
Objectives for 2010

Participants at the
April 30, 1998, Meeting

Donna E. Shalala, Secretary

Vice Chair
David Satcher, Assistant Secretary for Health
and Surgeon General

Former Assistant Secretaries for Health
Edward N. Brandt
Merlin K. DuVal
Julius B. Richmond
Robert E. Windom

HHS Operating Division Heads
James Harrell (Representing Olivia Golden)
Administration on Children and Families
Jeanette C. Takamura
Administration on Aging
Claude Earl Fox
Health Resources and Services Administration
Kermit Smith (Representing Michael Trujillo)
Indian Health Service
William Harlan (Representing Harold Varmus)
National Institutes of Health
Paul Schwab (Representing Nelba Chavez)
Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administration
Michael A. Friedman (Acting)
Food and Drug Administration
Claire Broome (Acting)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
John Eisenberg
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
Barbara Cooper
(Representing Nancy-Ann Min DeParle)
Health Care Financing Administration

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