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*** Recent Changes to the TSP Account Access Login Process ***

You can now create a custom user ID to access your account on the Web site (June 2008).

To make logging into your account easier, you can now create a Custom User ID to use in place of your 13-digit TSP account number.  To do this, log into Account Access using your account number and Web password, then choose “Create/Modify Custom ID” from the Account Access menu.  Your custom ID is interchangeable with your TSP account number on the Web site—you can use your custom ID OR your 13-digit TSP account number, along with your Web password, any time you log in to access your account.

The Account Access Login page has a new look (April 2008). 

To make logging into your account easier, you can now "unmask" your TSP account number, rather than have it displayed with asterisks or bullets.  The account number display also breaks up your 13-digit account number into groups of 4, 4, and 5 numbers.

Additional changes, including a customizable User ID which you can use instead of your TSP account number, are on the horizon.  Look for future announcements as we introduce these enhancements.  For more information, see FAQs about TSP Account Numbers.

Start Using Your New TSP Account Number (October 2007).   

Getting into your TSP account on the Web and ThriftLine just got safer! Why? Because from now on, every time you log into the Account Access section of the Web site or tap into the Account Menu of the ThriftLine, you’ll be using a 13-digit TSP account number, rather than your Social Security number. With your TSP password or ThriftLine Personal Identification Number (PIN) as an added security measure, this important change will help guard you from identity theft and protect your account information, too.

Your TSP account number will also become your main ID for most other contacts with the TSP. You should use it to identify yourself when writing to the TSP or talking on the phone with a TSP Participant Service Representative (PSR). You will also be asked for your account number on most TSP forms.

By now, you should have received a blue mailer containing the unique TSP account number assigned to you. If you have not, please contact the TSP immediately. If you ever forget your account number, you can write to the TSP or call a PSR and ask to have it mailed to you. (For security reasons, we will not e-mail account numbers or provide them over the telephone.)

Beefing Up Account Security on the Web (May 2007).

The TSP has taken a major step to help keep your account transactions and information on this Web site more secure.  We now require you to log into the Account Access section of this Web site with a longer, more complex Web password — a unique combination of letters and numbers that you can choose yourself or have the TSP's computer generate for you.

If you are already a TSP participant, the first time you log into Account Access after the implementation of Web passwords, you will enter your 4-digit PIN, and then you will be prompted to either create your own Web password or request a computer-generated password.  If you are just joining the TSP, the TSP will send you an initial password right after the TSP receives your first contribution.  After you have used that Web password once to log into Account Access, you will be able to change it to a password of your choice.

You will no longer be able to log into Account Access with your TSP Personal Identification Number (PIN).  But keep your TSP PIN!  You will still need it to access your account by telephone via the ThriftLine.  (You will not be able to use your Web password on the ThriftLine.)

Another important factor in keeping your account secure is YOU.  It's up to you to keep your ThriftLine PIN and Web password confidential.  Never give out your ThriftLine PIN or Web password to anyone, and never leave your PIN or password where anyone can see it.  Also, make sure that your new password is only entered on a secure computer terminal.

For more information see, FAQs about Web Password and ThriftLine PINs.