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Contribution Elections


You cannot enroll, change the amount of your TSP contributions, or stop contributing to the TSP on this Web site.  Contribution elections must be processed by your agency's or service's payroll office.

If your agency or service requires you to use the Web to begin, change, or stop contributions, you must do so on your agency's or service's Web site.  For example, the U.S. Postal Service requires its employees to use PostalEASE.  Other civilian agencies use Employee Express, Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS), their own Web sites, etc.  Members of the uniformed services may be required to use myPay.  The Air Force requires its employees to use EBIS.

If your agency accepts Form TSP-1 (or Form TSP-U-1 for the uniformed services), you can download the form from this Web site, but you must submit the form to your agency (or service) for processing.

Contact your agency or service if you have questions about filing contribution elections.  Also, if you have questions regarding the percent or amount you are contributing, check with your agency or service.  The TSP does not have access to information about your contribution election.