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Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing and Production
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Interested in building innovative and life-saving scientific technology?

Biomanufacturing is an essential component of today's biotech industry. A career in biomanufacturing requires creativity and innovative thinking. Biomanufacturing technicians are the experts on the development and maintenance of biotech machinery. They play an integral role in biotech research and are responsible for developing and maintaining the technology and innovative equipment that drives industry research.

Manufacturing and Production Job Examples

Man Examining Beaker

Product Development Engineer
At entry level, these engineers design, develop, modify and enhance existing products and processes. They assist in increasing production for new products, making sure the manufacturing process is optimized, take technology concepts from idea stage to reality, and check all along the way to ensure safety and good outcome. Product Development Engineers also ensure that design implementations the manufacturing processes involved are safe and efficient.

An entry-level Product Development Engineer requires a Bachelor of Science or the equivalent in experience, as well as on the job training.

Manufacturing Technician
These people are responsible for the manufacture and packaging of potential and existing products. They operate and maintain small production equipment, and are responsible for weighing, measuring, and checking raw materials (ingredients) and ensuring that manufactured batches contain the correct ingredients and quantities. They provide the baseline level of quality checking and work with the QC and QA teams. He or she also ensure that records are maintained and production areas comply with regulatory requirements, proper manufacturing procedures and operating procedures.

An entry-level position requires an associate degree in science and on the job training.

Manufacturing Research Associate
Associates are responsible for implementing production procedures to optimize manufacturing processes and regulatory requirements. They may have responsibilities in packaging and distribution and in maintaining production equipment.

An entry-level position generally requires a Bachelor of Science and on the job training, or the equivalent in experience.

Woman at PC

Biochemical Development Engineer
These engineers design and modify processes, instruments, and equipment from the laboratory through a pilot program to full scale implementation in manufacturing plants. They also assist in manufacturing operations and participate in the design of new buildings and equipment. She or he develop new process formulas and technologies to achieve cost effectiveness and product quality. They also establish operating equipment specifications and improve manufacturing techniques. Biochemical Development Engineers help to scale up production for new products, improve the process of manufacture, and are important in the transfer of technology from idea to reality.

Entry-level requirements are a Bachelor of Science or its equivalent and on the job training.

Instrument/Calibration Technician
These techs perform maintenance, testing, trouble-shooting, calibration, and repair technology, components, analytical equipment, and instrumentation. They perform validation studies and handle the buying decisions for equipment and components. They may analyze results, develop test specifications, and maintain documentation and logs.

Entry-level requirements are an associate degree in electronics and on the job training.

Assay Analyst
Assay analysts examine and grow animal or plant cells in the laboratory. These cell cultures are grown according to protocols, and the assay analyst prepares the growth materials and maintains cell and tissue cultures according to the specifications required by good manufacturing procedures.

The minimum education for this job is a high school diploma and on the job training.

Woman Performing Test

Chemistry QC Technician
These people perform inspections, checks, tests, and sampling procedures of the manufacturing process according to standard operating procedures (or SOPs). They perform in-process inspection and document results. He or she monitor critical equipment and instrumentation, write and update inspection procedures and checklists, and are knowledgeable about current good manufacturing processes (GMPs).

Entry-level for this position requires an associate degree in this area, followed by on the job training.

Microbiology QC Technician
These techs perform routine microbiological testing of raw materials, in process samples, and finished formulations. They conduct routine environmental monitoring of manufacturing processes and standards, manufacturing areas, equipment, and processes. They calibrate and maintain microbiology lab equipment. He or she complies and analyzes data for documentation of test results and prepares related reports. They revise and update procedures as necessary.

Entry-level for this position requires an associate degree in this area, as well as on the job training.

Lab Techs Confering

Environmental Health and Safety Technician
These techs sample and monitor the water and the air. They process permits, calibrate and maintain scientific monitoring, collect data, and manage research data. He or she can install and service recording instruments, maintain physical stations where data is collected, inspects station records to ensure quality assurance and preventative maintenance procedures are conducted properly. They may conduct special studies such as toxic water monitoring, biological monitoring, and air/water pollutant investigations, and then recommend corrective actions. Environmental Health and Safety Technicians record and maintain periodic data logs and information files. This person has a working knowledge of sampling, data collection and analysis, pollution complaint investigations, instrument calibration, and environmental law. Experience in assessing environmental conditions is desirable.

Entry-level positions require an associate degree in this area, followed by on the job training.

Woman Filing Documents

QA Documentation Coordinator
These coordinators provide clerical and administrative support related to documentation system requirements/maintenance. The individual audits all documentation manuals to assure they are accurate and up-to-date, and available to appropriate personnel. They maintain filing of master documents and assist in microfilming and archiving activities.

Entry-level for this position requires an associate degree in this area and on the job training.

Education and Training in Biotechnology

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