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Centennial of Flight: Born of Dreams - Inspired by Freedom
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On July 10, 2001, the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission approved the concept of a "Centennial Partner." The Centennial Partner designation recognizes the extraordinary events and organizers that bring more national attention and awareness to all Centennial events.

The criteria is the organization or event: be exceptionally relevant to the centennial of powered flight or the history of aviation; has a strong educational focus; leaves a tangible legacy; has a plan/process in place to measure success against objectives; has national impact; works collaboratively with other organizations toward common goals and objectives for the benefit of the Centennial celebration and the public interest; and has a formal Memorandum of Agreement with the COFC.

The COFC staff and the History and Education Panel screen the applications requesting Centennial Partner status and present recommendations to the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commissioners.

The left lists Centennial Partner organizations that are of the Centennial of Flight: Born of Dreams - Inspired by Freedom national commemoration. Each is developing major activities or assisting in the development of activities for 2003.


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