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Interfund Transfer Rule Change in Effect

New Interfund Transfer Rule

An interfund transfer (IFT) allows you to redistribute all or part of your TSP account among the TSP funds. For each calendar month, your first two IFTs can redistribute money in your account among any or all of the TSP funds.  After that, for the remainder of the month, your IFTs can only move money into the Government Securities Investment (G) Fund (in which case, you will increase the percentage of your account held in the G Fund by reducing the percentage held in one or more of the other TSP funds).

For example, if on May 10 you made a transfer to the F Fund and on May 17 you made a transfer to the G Fund, you have reached your unrestricted IFT limit for May.  For the rest of May, you may transfer amounts in your TSP account to the G Fund only.

The transfer counts in the month we process it, not in the month you submit it.  For example, if you were to submit your transfer request at 12:15 p.m. on July 31, that would be after our noon cut-off for same-day processing.  Therefore, we would not process your request until August 1 (the next business day), and it would count against your IFT limit for August.

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