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For detailed descriptions of the different ways you can search EDGAR, please read our Quick EDGAR Tutorial.

See EDGAR Search Updates to review improvements in display and function for EDGAR searches.

General-Purpose Searches

Companies & Other Filers
Find companies (or mutual funds) and associated filings.

Latest Filings
View the most recent, real-time filings as they are processed by the SEC.

Full-Text Search
Search the full text of filings from the last four years.

Mutual Funds
Find Mutual Funds and associated filings for new filings with series and class identifiers (filings since Feb. 6, 2006)

Variable Insurance Products
Find Variable Insurance Products and associated filings for new filings with series and class/contract name (filings since Feb. 6, 2006)

Historical EDGAR Archives
Enter a keyword or phrase to search all header information (including addresses).

Tips for Searching EDGAR

Researching Public Companies Through EDGAR: A Guide for Investors
How Do I Use EDGAR?
Finding EDGAR Comment Letters

Special-Purpose Searches

Confidential Treatment Orders
Effectiveness Notices
CIK Lookup
Look up the unique Central Index Key (CIK ) number for companies and other filers.

Current Events Analysis
Retrieve filings made on EDGAR during the previous week.

Mutual Fund Prospectuses
Retrieve prospectuses and other "485" forms for a specified mutual fund (now using updated search).

Mutual Fund Proxy Voting
Retrieve annual reports of proxy voting records ("N-PX" filings) for a specified mutual fund.

XBRL Submissions
Look up XBRL data submitted in the XBRL Voluntary Program on EDGAR.

XBRL (Risk Return) RSS Feed XBRL (Risk Return) RSS Feed
Information about XBRL RSS Feeds recently updated

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