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We hope the resources will encourage you to celebrate the past 100 years of flight; to rediscover the challenges of flight; and to learn about the people, events, and technology that made flight possible. Students of all ages will be able to examine how our world has changed as a result of the Wright Brothers' first powered flight on December 17, 1903. What possibilities will they be able to imagine for the next one hundred years of flight?

1901 glider
  In Depth: The 1901 Glider

Check out this section to learn more about the Lessons of 1901. The goal of the Wright Experience is to fully understand the Wrights' scientific process and achievement. In building as accurate a reproduction as possible and conducting its own tests, the team hopes to gather new insights into the performance of the machine and the genius of the Wrights.

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Great Games

A collection of challenging games and puzzles designed to be played online and at home.


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