Spring 2008

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GSA Office of Citizen Services and Communications

The DotGov Buzz

A monthly email newsletter for E-Gov movers and shakers from the GSA Center for Intergovernmental Solutions.

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Intergovernmental Solutions Newsletter

A semi-annual publication from the GSA Center for Intergovernmental Solutions.  Each issue focuses in depth on a topic of particular interest and current relevance to the intergovernmental IT community with articles and analysis from government officials and academic, non-profit, and industry organizations.

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» Spring 2008 : The Role of the Government CIO (PDF, 905 kb) (Word, 297 kb) (Spanish-language PDF, 623 kb) (Spanish-language Word, 381 kb)


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Citizen Service Times

The Citizen Service Times was published by the Citizen Service Levels Interagency Committee (CSLIC), a project of the USA Services E-Gov Initiative. USA Services’ mission is “helping agencies serve citizens.”

»Volume 2, Issue 1 (February 2007)

»Volume 1, Issue 1 (August 2006)


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