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1 How much of my pay can be garnished under a Administrative Wage Garnishment order?
2 What are my rights if I am subject to Administrative Wage Garnishment?
3 What is Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG)?
4 What happens if I suffer a disability, divorce, or catastrophic illness during the AWG process?
5 Can my employer fire me if my pay is being garnished?
6 How do I request a Review of the Debt subject to Administrative Wage Garnishment?
7 I am told that my state law forbids wage garnishment, so can’t I just ignore the Administrative Wage Garnishment Order?
8 Is there a minimum amount of disposable pay that is not subject to Administrative Wage Garnishment?
9 How can I stop SSA from garnishing my wages after I received a letter that this will happen?
10 If another party is already garnishing my employee’s pay, do I still have to comply with the Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG) Order?
11 Does the AWG order have priority over other garnishment orders?
12 How do I determine an employee’s disposable pay for Administrative Wage Garnishment?
13 Why did SSA send a wage garnishment to my employer?
14 Is it possible for me to view the complete employer wage garnishment package online?
15 How do I apply the garnishment order to an employee’s salary that varies each pay period?
16 What are the consequences if an employer fails to comply with the garnishment order?
17 Can an employer make payments using a credit card or an ATM debit card?
18 What should an employer do if they run out of Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG) payment coupons?
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