Compliance, the official business link to the U.S. government, allows users to easily find compliance information from all major U.S. federal agencies regulating or serving small businesses. is managed by the U.S. Small Business Administration in a partnership with 21 federal agencies and is part of the President’s Management Agenda.

Benefits to Businesses

  • Helps businesses find compliance information and services by searching multiple government Web sites and by organizing the information into industry and topic categories.
  • Reduces businesses’ time and effort by consolidating compliance information onto one Web site and offering a consistent way to find them.
  • Minimizes business expenses in the form of time savings or cost avoidance.

Features of

  • Over 20,000 compliance-related documents from 94 government Web sites.
  • Relevant and official government resources.
  • Quick and focused compliance search results.
  • A comprehensive catalog of federal government forms.
  • Directory of knowledgeable government contacts.
  • Links to key industry resources and “how to” information for starting, growing and managing a business.

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