President's Volunteer Service Award

Certifying Organization

Thank you for your interest in becoming a "Certifying Organization" for the President's Volunteer Service Awards. This will offer the opportunity to recognize your volunteers for their dedication and support.

Your organization can do so by becoming a Certifying Organization. Your organization qualifies to be a Certifying Organization and distribute the President's Volunteer Service Award if it is legally established in the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or one of the U.S. territories.

To earn a President's Volunteer Service Award, individuals, families and groups must keep a record of their activities and hours of volunteer service. They can track their hours in a journal at home, on-line through the USA Freedom Corps Record of Service, or through another system that is recommended by their Certifying Organization. Each individual, family, or group then submits its record of service to the Certifying Organization.

Who can be a Certifying  Organization
What Roles Do Certifying Organization Play?

Certifying Organizations agree to perform the following roles:

  • Verify that the volunteer(s) has completed the number of service hours required to earn a President’s Volunteer Service Award.

  • Nominate verified volunteers by completing and submitting an order form to purchase the award(s).

  • Pay the nominal cost for the award package and its shipping, either directly or through local sponsorship.

  • Receive the award package and distribute the award to each recipient.


Who Can Become A Certifying Organization?

Your organization can become a Certifying Organization if it is legally established in the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or one of the U.S. territories. It also must fall into one of the following category types:

  • Non-profit or community-based organization
  • Civic, fraternal, or service group
  • Faith-based institution
  • Business
  • School or institution of higher education
  • National service program
  • Membership organization
  • Federal, state, and local government agency


How to Become a Certifying Organization

Simply Apply online to become a Certifying Organization and start honoring your volunteers!

Link to Certifying Organization Online Application Form


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