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1 Does Social Security pay benefits to prisoners?
2 My husband is presently incarcerated; are my son and I eligible for any benefits?
3 What special programs are available for ex-prisoners?
4 Why does the Social Security Administration need to know that I am in jail?
5 If I report that somebody is in prison, will I be paid?
6 My payments have been stopped, but other inmates are still getting paid, why?
7 Will Social Security benefits to my spouse and children stop while I'm in prison?
8 What happens to my Medicare when my checks stop because I go to jail?
9 I was released from jail and must wear an ankle bracelet at home. Can I have my benefits started again?
10 I have had my checks stopped. How do I start getting paid again?
11 Why do I have to pay back benefits I received while I was in jail when I did not know I needed to tell Social Security?
12 I was released from prison and transferred to a halfway house. Can I have my benefits started again?
13 I have never been in jail but the Social Security Administration thinks I have. Why?
14 Other than incentive payments, what benefits are there for a prisoner reporter?
15 Can I use my Medicare while I'm in jail?
16 Why did I not I get a Social Security check for the last month I was in jail?
17 Can I continue to serve as a representative payee while in jail?
18 How does Social Security determine whether a facility is eligible for $200 or $400?
19 How does a reporter know which prisoners are getting checks?
20 What should I do about questions regarding incentive payments?
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