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The invention of the airplane was a fundamental turning point in history. It redefined the way we fought our wars; revolutionized travel and commerce; fueled the process of technological change; and helped to shape a world in which the very survival of a nation would depend on its scientific and technical prowess. Flight is, and will continue to be, one of humankind's most significant accomplishments.

This section features brief essays that describe significant events in aviation history, arranged chronologically on a timeline. Visitors to our Web site will be able to access hundreds of essays on aerospace topics; a rich collection of images; a timeline of significant aviation events; and a dictionary of persons, places, and things that are important to understanding the history of aviation and aerospace.

For classroom use, the essays and dictionary entries have been generally correlated to the national learning and curriculum standards in mathematics, science, technology, and history. This material can be used to enhance existing curricula and serve as the foundation for several new learning tracts.


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