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The General Services Administration is proud to present Smart Card Tutorial - An Online Multimedia Presentation. In this presentation you will learn how smart cards are being used by millions of people worldwide in more than 90 countries. Also, the latest smart card technologies and applications are reviewed.

Viewing Requirements:

  • Speakers or headphones.
  • Macromedia Flash 4 plug-in. If you don't have Flash 4 installed on your system, the program will automatically guide you through the setup procedure. It only takes a couple minutes to install the plug-in.
  • T1, ISDN, or 56K Internet connection.
  • Internet Explorer or Netscape (4.0 or higher) recommended.

link to the t1 page

Streaming media,
good audio.


link to the 56k page

Streaming media,
fair audio.

Click here to download the text of the presentation in Word for Windows format (71KB).