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Assistive Technology Showcase Devices

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Assistive Listening Devices


Hearing Aid Telephone Interconnect System used with in the ear and behind the ear hearing aids.

Refreshable Braille Display


Output device with Braille cells that change (refresh) as the user scrolls through an electronic document.

Braille Embosser


Output device used to produce the raised Braille dots on to paper. The Braille translation software program is required to convert text documents into Braille.

Portable Closed Circuit TV

Low Vision

Mini closed circuit television that magnifies text or color images 5 to 15 times and will adjust to an individuals needs.

Ergonomic chair


An ergonomically correct chair for proper seating at a computer workstation.

Screen Reader Software

Blind/Low Vision

Software that provides visual information in audio format for computer users.

Ergonomic Fixed Split Keyboard


Fixed split keyboard with Center-Peak and V-Shape which reduces the stress of inward hand-rotation and minimize outward hand-twisting.

Ergonomic two handed keyboard


Concave keyboard with split design to eliminate wrist twist and a central number cluster which can be used by right or left handed users.

Ergonomic Split Keyboard


Programmable Computer Keyboard and Mouse, qwerty layout, keys adjust both vertically and horizontally.

Braille Enhanced Programmable Phone and Portable Ringer Alert

Low Vision, Hearing Impaired, Blind

Telephone with jumbo-size buttons and Braille characters with programmable features. Exceptionally loud portable ring alert adjusts up to 95dB.

Alternative Pointing Devices and Switches


Trackballs, one which provides ergonomic comfort and other provides access for persons with limited mobility. Switches, used to operate a computer by some part of a person's body in which they have control.

Reading Machine

Blind/Low Vision/Learning Disability/Second Language Users.

Hardware device that combines advanced speech synthesis, intelligent character recognition, and a scanner in a portable machine.

Closed Circuit TV

Low Vision

Hardware device that uses a video camera connected to a computer to enlarge documents or objects that are placed under the camera.


Deaf/Hard of Hearing

A telecommunications device that allows individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing converse via the telephone.

Tactile Image Enhancer

Blind/Visually Impaired

Designed to assist Blind and Visually impaired individuals in the creation and understanding of tactile graphic images.

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