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President's Cancer Panel

Annual Report for 2000-2001 with Video

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Voices of a Broken System: Real People, Real Problems
This CD version of the report was originally intended to be mailed to members of the White House and the Congress. However, due to the recent events of 9/11, heightened security measures have affected mail distribution. Therefore, we have made this CD accessible through our website. The quality in which this CD is viewed will vary from system to system depending on the system's capabilities. Should you experience any difficulties in accessing this report, please e-mail the President's Cancer Panel at or call (301) 496-1148, to request that a hard copy of the report or CD be sent to you.
Full Report: Click Here
Summary of findings and recommendations: Click Here

Where to Direct Inquiries
To contact the PCP call 301-496-1148 or e-mail the Panel at:

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