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Compendium of Unimplemented Office of Inspector General Recommendations

Download Current Fiscal Year 2008 (PDF)

The "Compendium of Unimplemented Office of Inspector General Recommendations" combines the "Red Book" (unimplemented monetary recommendations) and the "Orange Book" (unimplemented nonmonetary recommendations) into one publication. The "Red Book" focused on significant Office of Inspector General (OIG) cost-saving recommendations that had not been fully implemented. The "Orange Book" focused on unimplemented recommendations to improve HHS programs. Full implementation of the recommendations in this compendium could achieve substantial savings and increase the effectiveness of the Department’s programs.

Each narrative contains a background summary, findings, recommendation(s), status, report number(s), and report issue date(s). In the case of monetary recommendations, there is also an estimate of the savings that may be achieved by implementing the recommendations. The estimated value of each monetary recommendation is based on the specifics of each review and not extrapolated beyond the scope of the original review. The actual savings to be achieved depends on the specific legislative, regulatory, or administrative actions. However, the estimates provide a general indication of the magnitude of savings possible.

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