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Accessibility Statement

The President's Volunteer Service Award strives to maximize the accessibility and usability of our website. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.

This site implements the W3C recommendations for the design of accessible web pages. We strive to be not only accessible but also highly usable for all our users. To facilitate usability, each of our web pages feature not only the common "skip nav" link to skip repeated navigational content but also links to skip to textual navigation links with descriptions.

Access Keys

The President's Volunteer Service Award website uses access keys so that our users can get to and use our important links as quickly as possible. Keyboard access is important for users who do not have ability to use a pointing device.

Each of the areas of the President's Volunteer Service Award website has been constructed to allow users to bind keyboard strokes to actions. Not only is this an essential tool for sections of the community it is a quick and easy way for everyone to navigate the site.

A number of browsers allow you to jump to specific links using special keys. On Windows the combination is to press ALT and an access key, on Macintosh it is Control and an access key. The set of keys used on most pages on this site are:

Access Key Link/Page
2 About the Award
3 Honor Your Volunteers
4 Become a Partner
5 Find Volunteer Opportunities
6 Track your Hours
7 News
8 Meet The Council
9 PVSA in your State

In addition the following codes are defined for links on the main pages:

Access Key Link/Page
p Privacy
h Help
n Contact us
s Support
d Downloads
i login
Please note:

Netscape - Apple Macintosh does not understand the keyboard short cut commands for linking. There are no access key's for the links section.

Notes for Users of Assistive Technologies

The President's Volunteer Service Award team is very interested in knowing how usable the President's Volunteer Service Award website is to those that use alternative technologies such as JAWS®. Please contact us with ideas or suggests on improving usability of the President's Volunteer Service Award website.

Tips for Making Your PC More Accessible
  • Making text bigger in your web browser
  • Slowing down the mouse
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Using StickyKeys (Microsoft® Windows®)
  • Jumping between open programs using Alt+Tab
  • Assistive technology
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