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Pandemic Influenza Information

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Agency Information for Ordering Pandemic Guide for Employees

Brochure Ordering Information for Departments and Agencies

Printed quantities of the product “Federal Employee Pandemic Influenza Guide” are available for ordering via the GPO Rider Requisition program.

The cost per copy will be approximately 70 cents each.*

The most economical way of obtaining bulk quantities is to ride OPM’s printing requisition(s). Departments and Agencies may order a bulk supply from GPO and make their own distribution to component offices or have GPO make the distribution (distribution list should be attached to the Standard Form 1 showing the number of copies to be sent to each address).

If you have any questions regarding Rider Information, please call (202) 606-1844.

Product Description

The Office of Personnel Management is offering a reprint of the “Federal Employee Pandemic Influenza Guide” Brochure. The Brochure is a single-sheet, 8-panel, 3-fold product printed in full color. It is intended as a handy, easily-understandable reference for Federal Employees’ potential concerns related to work, leave, pay and personal safety. The cost per copy will be approximately 70 cents each.*

* Price will fluctuate depending on when the order is placed (holidays), number of copies and market trends at the time.