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Academy Award Winners

The IG Academy’s William Barton Award is named for the Honorable William R. Barton, former Inspector General of the General Services Administration, who was instrumental in founding the Academy. Now an established tradition, the Award is given by the IG Academy to the student in the IG Investigator Training Program (IGITP) who best demonstrates the personal attributes that exemplify the ideals of the Inspector General community and the Academy, such as integrity, professionalism, and leadership. The recipient is chosen by the IG Academy staff and facilitators. The IG Academy also awards an Academic Honor Certificate to the student in IGITP who achieves the highest academic score.

The Academy Award Winners in 2008 are:

William Barton Award ~

SA Eric Saracino, Nuclear Regulatory Commission OIG, IG_ITP-802
SA Teresa Price, Social Security Administration OIG, IG_ITP-801

Academic Honor Certificate ~

SA Haley Hawkins, NASA OIG, IG_ITP-802
SA John R. Hast, Dept. of Interior OIG, IG_ITP-801

The Academy Award winners in 2007 were:

William Barton Award ~

SA Dewey Powell, Health & Human Services (HHS) OIG, IGITP 702
SA Patrick Smith, Housing & Urban Development OIG, IGITP 703
SA Bruce Quintero, Dept. of Transportation OIG, IGITP 704
SA Steve J. Rinaldi , HHS OIG, IGITP 705

Academic Honor Certificate ~

SA Julie Wilson, U.S. Agency for International Development OIG, IGITP 702
SA Carrie Jackson, Dept. of Education OIG, IGITP 703
SA Rene Olivas, HHS OIG, IGITP 704
SA Lee Dahlgren , Dept. of Labor OIG, IGITP 705

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