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PMEL Web Page Awards

Award citations for individual web pages:


    TAO Project - for the TAO El Niño theme pages as one of "the most innovative, creative, and valuable as science and technology resources for readers."


  • NOAATech2006 AWARD
    Joe Sirott - AJAX and Dapper: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    Willa Zhu (David Shulz and Kevin Kelleher) - Interactive Web Access to Historical Weather Data Archives
    Nazi Merati, Chris Moore (Tiffany Vance) - OceanGIS - Multidimensional GIS tools using Java and ArcGIS

  • PMEL's El Niño theme page wins Scientific American Sci/Tech Award
    From the Scientific American commentary: "Learn all about the oft-invoked phenomena El Niño and La Niña, characterized by changing ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific, that cause weather repercussions around the globe. View a QuickTime animation of El Niño's temperature fluctuations. Learn how the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Project recognizes an El Niño using moored buoys. And explore the effects that these disruptions in the ocean-atmosphere system have wrought, from drought in the western Pacific to increased rainfall and flooding in the southern U.S. and Peru."


  • PMEL Home Page selected as one of the best educational resources on the webStudyWeb logo
1997 1996
  • First Place Federal Showcase Awards for EPIC's Web Access to Oceanographic in situ Data
  • Second Place Federal Showcase Award for El Niño Theme Pages
  • El Niño Theme page voted best Home Page in OAR and in NOAA
  • Awards for Java gateways to in situ Ocean data from the EPIC and TAO groups

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