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Frequently Asked Questions

0. How do I create a subgroup of a bureau in FMSI? Here is the best way to create a subgroup:

Assume that DOJ/JMD needs a subgroup AFMS.

1. POC should Add/Update users and locate the person(s) who will update this subgroup. Enter DOJ/JMDAFMS as Agency/Bureau.

2. POC should find the system(s) that should be in this subgroup and change Bureau to JMDAFMS

Let me know, if I can help further.

Bruce Troutman - 202-460-8020

1. Where is the Financial Inventory web site? The financial management system inventory web site is:

2. What is a POC? POC stands for Point of Contact. Each agency has one or more points of contact. These people are responsible for management of the agency's users and the information provided to the FMS Inventory system. A list of current POC's is available on the web site.
3. What does the FY link do? The FY link allows you to look at data reports in various Fiscal Years.

For example, assume that FY 2001 is the current reporting year. It would be the default FY after you login in. If you wanted to see data reported in 1999, then click FY and select 1999. Now all data will be from 1999.

4. What is the FAQ link for? The FAQ link provides answers to the most common questions asked about the system.
5. What is the Help link for? The Help link provides access to the Guidance for the Current FY's report and POC, Reporter and Administrator Information.
6. What is the Score300 link all about? The Score 300 report allows everyone to see how they are doing in comparison to other agencies. When all reports are validated and marked complete for all systems, then the agency get the maximum score of 300 points.
7. What does Not Logged On and FY200x in green mean? The green labels on either end of the Menu links represent visual clues to the user.

For example, once a user logs on his/her name shows on the left. The current fiscal year shows on the right. If the user changes FY then the right visual clue will be the FY chosen.

8. What do I need to logon to the system? You need a valid logon. This is normally a valid email address.

You also need a valid password.

If you think that you should be able to logon and can't, then contact your POC for direction.

9. Oops! I forgot my password. What do I do? Go to the web site and click logon. Enter your correct email address and click I forgot my password, then click Continue. Your password will be emailed to you.

If you don't have the correct email either then contact your POC. The POC can look up your information from the system and help you.

If you don't know your POC, then click Logon and then Agency Points of Contact.

10. There does not seem to be a Logoff option. Did I miss something? On the Internet there is no need to log off. Just save your changes and close your browser or go to another web site. The system will automatically disconnect you after 20 minutes of inactivity.
11. I need to be added to the system so that I can log on. Who do I contact? Contact your agency's POC. He/she has the ability to add you to the system. If you are a member of the public or need global access, please use the Mail link to contact the Administrator and make your request.
12. I'm a POC and would like to delegate the reporting to some of my subordinates. Can the system help? A POC can create any number of users for the agencies systems. These users can be given limited access to the Agency and Bureau of choice.

For example,  USDA wants to create an account for Bill, who can access the APHIS systems and an account for Mary, who can access the ARS systems. Bill and Mary should not see each others systems.

The POC for USDA logs on and clicks the Add/Update users link and then clicks the Add button. "--New" dummy information is created and then displayed. The POC changes the information to Bill's information and -- IMPORTANT -->  puts USDA/APHIS in Bill's Agency Column. This will limit Bill to APHIS systems only. The POC does the same for Mary, but puts USDA/ARS is her Agency column. The POC then clicks the SAVE button.

13. How long does it take before a newly added person can logon without an error? After the POC saves a change the database is updated instantly. No delays. The new person must enter the email and the password correctly and will be shown the information about Agency/Bureau that they were assigned.
14. One of my users has retired. How do I remove them from the system? Because the system keeps track of logons and who makes changes throughout all fiscal years, we don't remove users. We make them inactive.

To do this the POC logs on and clicks on Add/Update Users link. Once the user is found, the POC changes the Active field to No. At this point the person will not be able to logon to the system.

15. How do I add a new financial system / application? New systems can be added by a POC or any other agency reporter.

To do this logon and click on Add a New System /Application, fill in the fields and Save Changes. The System will now show up in your systems list.

16. What do the buttons mean on every system's information page. SAVE button - Always saves your changes. It does not validate.

REPORT button - Displays the system information in a printable format. It also shows the changes from the previous fical year's report.

VALIDATE button - Checks all saved data against the validation rules. If something is incorrect, you a told about the error. When everything is correct, you can Mark the system information Complete. An email will be sent to the POC, Score300 will be updated and the information will be locked for all users.

EMAIL button - Allows you to send copies of the system's information to other's for their review and comments. (Note: This button has been moved under the REPORT button above.)

ALWAYS CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON - The Back Button does not Save.

17. I am finished with my report. How do I mark it complete? Click on the Validate button. If their are any errors, fix them and click Validate again.

When everything is correct, you can Mark the system information Complete. An email will be sent to the POC, Score300 will be updated and the information will be locked for all users.

18. Oops! I clicked Marked Complete on a system and everything is read only. Now I need need to change something. What do I do? Contact your POC. The POC can unmark the system complete.
19. I entered some information into the form, then went to lunch without saving. When I returned, I tried to save but the information was lost. What happened? The system automatically disconnects you after 20 minutes of inactivity.

A good tip is to save often. This will prevent these problems.

20. Would like to download all of the data that I am responsible for. How do I do it? Logon and click the ALL DATA link. The data will be loaded into your browser and you will be able to download it to a Spreadsheet or in XML or ASCII formats.


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