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Clear Skies Over Western Europe
Clear Skies Over Western Europe
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Newsroom Icon Welcome to the Newsroom, your one-stop source for the latest news on Earth science research. NASA news announcements, summaries of headline news, listings of new published research, and more are here and are updated each week.

2008 Hurricane Season Kicks Into High Gear
September 4 — For the first time in the 2008 hurricane season, there are four tropical cyclones active in the Atlantic Ocean basin on one day. More

Changing the World, One Student at a Time
August 27 — For 10 years, the DEVELOP program has pushed the envelope of the traditional summer internship, encouraging students into research projects with big implications for society. More

2007 Hurricane Forecasts Took Blow from Winds and Saharan Dry, Dusty Air
August 18 — A new analysis of environmental conditions over the Atlantic Ocean shows that hot, dry air associated with dust outbreaks from the Sahara desert was a likely contributor to the quieter-than-expected 2007 hurricane season. More

Project Anniversary Shows Value of Long-Term Investment in Climate Research
August 15 — The International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) to study the role that clouds play in the climate celebrates its 25th anniversary this summer. More

NASA Study Lights Path to How Smoke Changes Cloud Cover, Climate
August 14 — Researchers have identified the common thread that determines how aerosols from human activity, like the particles released from forest fires, influence cloud cover and affect climate. More

Portrait of a Warming Ocean and Rising Sea Levels
August 13 — Global sea level is on the rise, but the rise isn't uniform across the ocean. In this image, white and red show where sea level has risen the most; purple and blue where it has dropped. More

NASA Data Show Some African Drought Linked to Warmer Indian Ocean
August 5 — A new study has identified a link between a warming Indian Ocean and less rainfall in eastern and southern Africa. More

Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason 2 Begins Mapping Oceans
July 30 — Less than a month after launch, the new NASA-French space agency Jason 2 oceanography satellite has produced its first complete maps. More

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