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Citizen Corps Councils

National Citizen Corps Council

The National Citizen Corps Council brings together national leaders of organizations and associations representing the emergency responder disciplines, community and volunteer service organizations, government, and the private sector. These organizations work together at the national level and encourage their membership at the state and local level to collaborate in support of Citizen Corps.

Chaired by the Assistant secretary, DHS Preparedness Directorate, Office of Grants and Training, the charge to National Citizen Corps Council Members is to:

  • Provide a national voice to support the Citizen Corps mission of citizen preparedness and participation
  • Encourage their membership to join state, tribal, and local Citizen Corps Councils and to collaborate on developing a multi-disciplined approach to improve citizen education, training, and participation.
  • Exchange facts and information on programs to promote public awareness, training, and volunteer service opportunities.
  • Develop and disseminate messages on public safety and emergency preparedness and the importance of citizen participation.
  • Serve as the catalyst for engaging others within their areas of expertise to promote the Citizen Corps mission.

The National Citizen Corps Council will meet at least once a year, with the subcommittees meeting more frequently. Membership does not encompass financial support from Citizen Corps or DHS nor is there any financial obligation from member organizations. The purpose of the Council is to foster collaboration; it is not intended as an advisory or governing body nor to set national policy.

Summary of the 2006 National Citizen Corps Council Meeting (DOC 90KB)