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ME Top Items - January 21, 2005

GSA’s Office of Technology Strategy Hosts Public Meeting on Privacy

The General Services Administration, in partnership with the Department of Commerce and the Office of Management and Budget will host a public meeting to seek individual views on the policy, privacy, and security issues associated with the Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors as outlined in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12(HSPD-12). The public meeting is on the draft common identification standard (Federal Information Processing Standard 201) and will inform related HSPD-12 implementation guidance issued by the Office of Management and Budget. The public will be asked to comment on plans, including the safeguarding of identifying information. For further information, contact Ms. Jeanette Thornton, (202) 395-3562 or Ms. Judith Spencer (202) 208-6576

OGP Software Asset Management (SAM)

ME's Office of Governmentwide Policy and other government agencies are developing a Software Asset Management policy to support the rapid acquisition of software asset using SmartBUY. Currently, active negotiations are being conducted with Oracle, Microsoft and a group of anti virus manufactures using the SmartBUY approach. The objective of SmartBUY is to aggregate requirements and leverage the Government’s buying power when acquiring commercially available software. A viable Software Asset Management (SAM) helps the Government take full advantage of software reuse, understand current software inventory posture and develop capabilities to operate more efficiently using Commercial Off The Shelf software. For further information, contact Fred Allen at or call (202) 501-6901.

Usability University Spring Schedule Available: Register Now!

Usability Solutions Group (USG) announced an expanded schedule of 6 free seminars and 6 low-cost training courses in usability areas.. This usability training brings together professionals with responsibility for content development, web management, marketing outreach, improving web communications and other online activities. The course details can be found at and seminar details at The first course is "Putting the Web in Context: Understanding the People and Processes for Web Services" and will be held on February 7 and 8. The first seminar is "Usablility of Handheld Devices" which will be held February 23 from 10 a.m. to Noon. Registration is required and some classes may have limited space. For questions, contact Kristen Johannessen at (202) 501-1926 or email or call Janice Nall at (202) 219-1544 or email

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