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ME Top Items - February 16, 2005 Migrates Into

Consistent with the E-Government vision to reduce redundant websites and provide cheaper, faster, and more efficient services to the public,, the predecessor to, has been migrated into the website. will point all forms customers to the new and improved governmentwide site for all Federal forms. users will be redirected to starting on Feb 28th. Click here to read the article.

ME Partners with EAP to Deliver Industry-led Authentication Trust Framework

The leadership of the Office of Technology Strategy (ME) helped form the Electronic Authentication Partnership (EAP), consisting of over 50 prominent corporate IT and government agency participants. At the February 9th EAP meeting, the first installed Board of Directors was introduced, and the first version of a national identity Trust Framework was published. The EAP mission is to promote interoperability among public and private on-line authentication systems. Collaboration between industry, ME and public policy leaders drove the development of the Framework, which provides rules and procedures for electronic credentials issued by an EAP-certified participant that may be relied on by any participating authentication system. Significant components of the Federal E-Authentication Initiative (EAI) were adopted/refined for industry use. This partnership promotes the EAI vision to establish a national authentication system that can be accepted by both industry and all levels of government. For information, contact David Temoshok at (202) 208-7655 Contact:

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